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When I Was Superb

What’s the most work you’ve had to do on a ‘superb’ piece of graphic design?

One job I had ran like this:

Client: This imagery looks superb. So pleased with this. The project is really coming together.

Me: Great!

Client: Just the usual bits and pieces of feedback from ‘around the office’ - I’ll collect it all and feed back later today.

Me: OK.

(…later that day)

Client: We really like what you’ve done with this picture, but can you just tweak this…

(next page) This image needs this and that tweaking…

(next page) Is it possible to swap the colour of this image background?

(next page) This image is great, but can the characters be more ethnically diverse?

(next page) Just crop this one slightly tighter…

(next page) Can you just simplify(?) this one a bit

…and so forth.

In the end, I changed every single image in the project!

Can’t be sure if it was still ‘superb’ afterwards…

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