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The Importance of Boredom

Time to get all nostalgic about boredom. Do you remember when nothing used to be open on a Sunday? or when we didn’t have social media to scroll through? You know, those days when we actually had time to think for ourselves? It wasn’t all bad.

It’s the same with modern parenting. Children are never allowed a minute to themselves. Apparently they now need to be occupied at all times. Why? Does it occur to the mums and dads that their precious little ones might actually learn more by doing less?

Boredom means thinking. It means being resourceful. It means being creative. Without the power of thought, you’re placing yourself at a major disadvantage in life.

You will never question anything, or have an opinion of your own. You will never truly be an individual. It’s in times of boredom that you truly learn who YOU are. Boredom is the lifeblood of individuality and creativity.

Those boring Sundays were a real drag - but they were also fantastic.

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