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The Age of Plastic

Here’s a glimpse into my early encounters with the world of graphic design. I used to make my own magazines. These are all over twenty years old now, and I mainly produced them for the shear love of it. I made loads of them. All full of nonsense but hugely enjoyable!

OK, there was a slight practical reason for them as well. In order to start my degree course, I needed to produce a portfolio of work, and as I hadn’t completed any foundation courses, I needed to show willingness and commitment off my own bat. They did the trick, though what they thought of me, lord only knows, reading this load of old bobbins! (yes, they’re all self-written too).

This labour of love became hugely important to me, as it opened the door to my current career, and allowed me to ditch my finance job once and for all (I haven’t used Microsoft Excel since May 2000, other than to create my own freelance accounts).

When I had the time, I made another one a few years back, for no particular reason other than my own amusement. The same feeling of happiness came back.

Always make time in your life for things that you truly love. It’s the best therapy you’ll ever have. And you never know, you might even turn your love into your career :-)

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