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Marketing versus Editorial

When seeking solutions to graphic design briefs, it’s important to consider not only the audience and the message to be communicated, but also the timeframe in which the message is intended to be digested.

Fashion is a key variable to be considered. A cutting-edge approach that you’d expect to see from a swanky marketing agency will capture the zeitgeist. That’s highly appropriate, as there’s an immediacy to the project. The time is now. Tomorrow will look after itself when the time comes.

Generally, traditional editorial projects will have a longer shelf-life, and as such you need to tread with a certain caution when it comes to fashion. What’s trendy today won’t be so tomorrow, therefore if you’re looking for a certain longevity to a project, make sure the designer aims more towards the timeless end of the design spectrum.

Therefore when giving a designer instructions, it’s important to consider not only the project outcome, but also the time of its intended use. Are you wearing your marketing or editorial hat? - and is that hat is relevant to the project?

This will hopefully help to avoid the chance of a potentially expensive re-design slightly sooner than you anticipated.

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