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One for the older viewers! Did you ever use ‘Folio’ for the BBC Micro?

There was a time when this was the dogs doodahs. well, in terms of dot-matrix typography anyway. My recollections of this are of printing out massive banners at school (or during the holidays if we were allowed to borrow the precious floppy disc).

I believe it had a couple of font choices, but you always used the ‘3D’ one, as it was just more futuristic and fantastical!

Of course you needed the said dot-matrix printer and a big box of printer paper feeding into it …and a bit of patience whilst it generated line by line.

This would have been about the same time as when the BBC Micro wordprocessor also branched out and allowed you to print in a lovely serif font (a bit like Times) rather than the usual computer font.

It was like the future had arrived!

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