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Creative Thought

When it comes to creative thought, one of the things I tend to do right from the outset (not that you should always engage in rigid ways of thinking of course) is to consider what I get for free. That is, what has been gifted to me before the process of creative thought needs to begin.

It could be anything. A look, a feel, a font, a colour, a location, a back story and so on. It could be visual or emotional, it doesn’t matter. The thing is, there’s always something. That then becomes my starting point. It’s a firm foundation for creative thought to be built upon. It’s something that’s been in my head ever since I was a student up in Cumbria many moons ago. Even now, every time I start a brief, that saying pops into my head, as does the tutor saying it (thank you Tony!).

What disappoints slightly, is that as society, when it comes to popular culture, we don’t value true creative thought as highly as we should. In the industry of film and music for instance, the stuff that tends to win awards as always things where you ‘get a lot for free’ so to speak. They tend to have a powerful message, but one where the narrative is already written. The ‘worthy’ stuff. The award givers love that sort of thing.

Probably in some ways because it’s accessable and relatable. But the true off-the-wall creative stuff (although more niche in appeal) is always far more rewarding when you seek it out.

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