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Beats and Bubbles

One of my favourite pastimes is collecting vinyl. Sometimes I buy stuff just because I like the covers, and if it’s a Barney Bubbles design, that’ll probably be the case. I’m guessing he was a marketers nightmare, but his work was just fantastic. I actually got into Stiff Records originally because of the graphic design, and then subsequently discovered the music, which of course was equally as fab.

This particular 7” is ‘Emotional Traffic’ by the Rumour (Graham Parker’s backing band). It comes in all three traffic light colours, which peep through in the die-cut sleeve. Although good, the song never charted, but what the heck!

If you’re into your 70s vinyl and want to know more about the art, the Barney Bubbles career retrospective book ‘Reasons to be Cheerful’ is a great read (and view).

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